Política de reembolso


At Regaluxa, your happiness is important to us, so all of our products come with a 30 Day 100% Happiness Guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase within 30 days of receiving it, we will do our best to make sure you are happy with our resolution. 

Any refunds will be credited back to the original payment method, typically within 3-5 business days

Contact us at support@regaluxa.com, and we will promptly respond to your inquiries. 

After contacting us, we will walk you through the steps to ship the item back to us.



We try to start production of all orders as soon as possible. Depending on when you order was placed, cancellation may be possible if production has not yet begun.

Please contact our support team to check if changes or cancellation are possible, and give the reason you wish to cancel.

Please contact our support team for any items that arrived damaged, defective, or the wrong item arrived, including a photo of the item.

We'll arrange for a replacement item to be sent to you as soon as possible. Please do not return items to us without authorization from support first.

We hope you'll love the item you purchased. If there's any concerns about it or you are thinking of returning it, please contact our support team for assistance, explaining your reasons for wanting to return it. Please note, we're unable to offer returns or refunds for jewelry items unless the item arrived damaged.

Personalized Products - Return Policy

We do not accept returns for orders with specific personalizations such as names, dates, sign-offs, etc. However, we can offer you store credits or discounts of no higher than 50% Off.


Customer Error Policy

Items can not be returned due to customer error, so please be sure to make sure all customizations are 100% correct before submitting your order. However, we will do whatever we can to make you happy.


Holiday Season Policy

During our busy holiday season we try our best to let you know your gifts will arrive on time, but due to high volume and unexpected circumstances beyond our control there might be a slight delay in delivery of your order.
Understandably, no refunds can be issued for orders delayed due to adverse weather conditions or any unforeseen circumstance that may affect Regaluxa or any of our carriers. Thank you for understanding.

This is a very rare occurrence. We make every effort to accurately represent all designs and products, though some listings make use of life-like renderings instead of photos to show how the item will look. This allows our sellers to create many different products with their artwork, without needing to make & photograph thousands of products a day.

It's possible you may have an item that is showing a defect, please take a few photos and send them to our support team for review, along with your order ID.

Package Protection Terms and Discretion

Package Protection covers a single replacement, not a refund. Package Protection covers the allowance of a remake under the following circumstance: 

  • The item is marked as delivered on tracking, but customer did not receive it.

The following terms apply for package protection:

  • Earliest claim time is 2 business days after tracking shows delivered (to allow for carriers who occasionally mislabel shipments)
  • Latest claim time is 15 days from date delivered.

Remakes Policy (Applies ONLY to Jewelry products)

If there are problems with orders, we can offer remakes under certain circumstances at our discretion.

All orders with a Shopify store must have Package Protection to claim a remake for items marked as delivered but reported missing.

If the order falls under the following, you may request a remake:

  • The item itself, an attachment, or the box arrived damaged or shouldn't of passed QA.
    We will only resend the damaged parts of the order, except in cases were the item itself is damaged or poor quality.
    For example if a chain or box is damaged, we would resend the chain or box on it's own.
  • The artwork received is incorrect, or the wrong item was received.
    If a message card is wrong or damaged, we would resend the message card only. For products that may have been received with the wrong design or product, Support Services must receive a video of the product and the package that the product was received in. If we do not receive this information, your request for a remake will be denied.
  • The item has been stuck in transit for an unreasonable amount of time.


Additional Remake terms (Applies ONLY to Jewelry products)

Terms apply to remakes, they are: 

Damaged or poor QA:

  • Item must show as delivered.
  • Latest claim time is 15 days after delivery.

Lost or stuck in transit:

  • Orders that have had no movement 30 days (15 days if within the EU) from the date shipped, can be reviewed for a possible approval for a one time remake, by the discretion of Management.
  • Items in customs and showing as in clearance still need more time before deeming lost as customs can take a while in some countries.



Item Not Received But Tracking Shows Delivered

We are not liable for packages where the tracking shows as delivered. Your satisfaction is our top priority so we will work you you to try and figure out what happened. If it is proven that the package was stolen or delivered to the wrong address and after enough time has passed (at least 14 days) and thorough investigation done by the customer, only then at our sole discretion will we consider a reshipment of the same item/s.

If you received the delivery confirmation notification a short while ago, please give it a few hours then check again, sometimes the USPS or carrier scans a package as delivered even before they have physically delivered it. 

Even though the USPS tracking shows a status of “delivered”, sometimes the tracking is not correct.  it’s rare that a package is actually “lost”.

Another household member could have received the package and placed it somewhere within the residence. Check with other household members and neighbors to see if they’ve received the package.

The package may still be on the truck or at the Post Office. Wait a few days past the “delivered” date shown on the tracking. This same scenario has actually happened to me. I waited a several days after the tracking showed “delivered” and my package showed up 2 days later.

The package was delivered to the wrong address, perhaps a nearby neighbor. Please check with neighbors, your postal carrier and/or call your post office and inquire.

The Post Office now has GPS info on all scanned delivered packages, Contact your Post Office and have them check the actually delivery address.

If all the above steps fail to turn up the package, then the issue may be related to stolen mail. Initiate a “stolen mail” report with USPS Postal Inspector’s office. You will need to complete a USPS affidavit affirming the status of the package as “stolen” (and a USPS Postal Inspector may contact you). In addition, you should also complete a stolen mail report and if necessary, a homeowners or renters insurance loss affidavit. You might need to file a “stolen mail” report with your local police department so there is a record of mail theft in your area.  A police officer will come out and speak with you, take photographs, etc. so his report is accurate. He could also interview neighbors (or business owners if the delivery address was a commercial location) if this has happened recently in your neighborhood, and ask about recent deliveries and/or suspicious activity in your area.  The insurance company will need a copy of his report to file an insurance claim. Mail theft is a federal crime so they take this very seriously.

I understand how anxious you are to have your merchandise and that’s exactly what I want too! Please understand investigations can take time and likewise, a package can sometimes show up after it has been marked as delivered.  I can’t thank you enough for your patience.